Heat Pumps

Multifunctional is what Kaiser Heating & Cooling wants to provide for you by offering heat pumps as one of your heating and cooling options. Heat pumps force heat out of your home in the summer, then pump heat into your home in the winter. Quiet units that are nearly undetectable outdoors. A heat pump works year around to function as both an air conditioner and a heater. Economical and built to last, these units a smart choice for anyone.

Trane Heat Pump

A Trane Heat Pump will let you enjoy the utmost in consistent comfort. They are designed to deliver reliable, energy-efficient heating and cooling. Each unit is designed and engineered to meet rigid specifications, tested to ensure excellent performance and manufactured to last. When you purchase a Trane heat pump, you can feel confident in your investment!

Trane Heat Pump Features

ComfortLink II Communicating Capability

Two-stage Cooling & Heating

DuraTuff Rustproof Basepan

Compressor Sound Insulator

WeatherGuard II Top

Integrated Fan Systems

Electronic Demand Defrost

And More!

Hybrid Split Systems by Trane

A hybrid system is one that’s capable of heating and cooling your home using either electricity or gas. The system combines an electric Heat Pump with a variable speed gas furnace, to optimize your energy use by switching back and forth to whichever source is more efficient and comfortable for your home or business. Installing a Hybrid Split System by Trane allows you the affordability of electricity with the reliability of gas!

  • Year-Round Comfort
  • Long-Term Savings
  • ComfortLink II Communicating Capability
  • Flexibilility

Mitsubishi Electric

Small Size, Big Performance, that is what Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps can provide for your home or business. These units were designed specifically to provide high performance heating and cooling for tight spaces. Easy installation that does not require ductwork, only a small opening connecting indoor and outdoor units, make these heat pumps a great choice.

Mitsubishi Electric Features

Inverter Technology

Quiet Operation

Ductless Technology

Zone Control

Microprocessor Controls

Wireless Remote Controller

Washable Filters


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