Geothermal Heating and Cooling System uses simple and proven technology that draws heat from the warm earth in the winter, pumps it into your home or business, then reverses the process in the summer to remove the heat.

Kaiser Heating & Cooling has select systems that are available in many sizes appropriate for virtually any home or business. They may be installed in either new construction or an existing structure. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient means savings and comfort for you!

Geothermal units are multifunctional and have the capability to interact with your water heating, in-floor heating or your forced air heating and cooling systems. Since it takes much less energy to move heat than to make it, operating costs are reduced while safety is increased, pure and simple!

Review some of our brand information below, then give us a call and let a representative of ours help you make the decision.

Revolution HX Series – Vertical Packaged Multi-Positional Units

The first ever multi-position packaged geothermal heat pump, providing the ultimate in flexibility. The appliance style, quiet operation, and ultra high efficiencies will certainly please.

Revolution HX Series Features

Appliance grade cabinet

Brushed stainless steel access panels

Quadruple compressor isolation

Rail mounted blower

Stainless steel drain pan

E-coated air coil

Patent-pending design provides a foamed-in-water-to-refrigerant coaxial heat exchanger

Copeland UltraTech two-state compressor

A ten-year standard warranty coupled with a lifetime cabinet, coaxial heat exchanger, and compressor warranty

H Series – Hydronic Combination Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Providing forced air heating and cooling in addition to hydronic heat for radiant floors all in one efficient unit! A single combination unit allows you to experience floor warming, radiant heat in rooms with tile or wood flooring, while enjoying the efficiency of forced air heating in other areas. In turn, this unit also delivers air conditioning throughout the entire home. Combine the most comfortable heating and cooling with the most efficient technology, it’s simply everything you could want and more.

H Series Features

Coated air coils for extended life

Stainless steel drain pans

Copleland UltraTech two-stage scroll compressor

Optional hot water generator

ECM blower motors

Condensate overflow sensor

External service LED

Insulated refrigerant circuit

10/10/10/10 year limited warranty

Hydronic heating (built-in water-to-water section)

Foil backed, recycled blue jean insulation (no fiberglass)

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